Do You Get It–Kid Cudi

The weather in Miami SUCKS right now, but my day just got better!!! Thought i might bless y’all with a track into the life of Kid Cudi. Enjoy!!!
Download Here!!


K’naan: From My City to the World

Music is supposed to move the masses. Some artists are just artists, and some are lyricists. Musician, poet and fellow Somali-Canadian K’Naan as become a hit in recent months. But people don’t quiet know about his hunble beginnings.

After leaving what would become present day war-torn Somalia, his family made a pit stop in NYC, the moved on to Toronto. This is where the story gets personal… Rexdale is a predominately Somali community in Toronto’s west end, approximately 10 minutes from where I was born and raised. His struggles in the city were my struggles and his fight for his success will be one I can believe in.

The most captivating part of his story lies in his poetic skills, and yet english was not his mother tongue. He found a way to learn, exploit and use the language to his advantage. So here is to K’Naan and his struggles. To my hair idol. To the man who used his ‘grammer education’ to get to grammy status.

Kanye West: See Me Now

Dope New Track from Kanye West!!! Can’t wait for his next album. I’m pretty sure it’ll be FIRE!!! He hasn’t disappointed me yet.


See Me Now-Kanye West

“Finally Famous 3” Trailer: Big Sean

Big Sean is set to blow. I  don’t feel like a lot of people know about Big Sean.  Their in for a rude awakening!

G.O.O.D Music!!!!