Look of the Day: Richmond x Philly?

Im going to go out on a limb and putting myself out there today.

VCU in the fall is rather chilly so I paired a scarf (or pashmina, depending on your point of view) w/ a vintage levi jacket + my OU bookbag and my go-to black beenie.

chick-a-pow. it happens.

close up of my babies… fire red, cement-gray color way. copped these badboys in ’08.

peep the feet, this isn’t new.


links to my homie Booki’s blog are here.



Male Look-of-the-Day!

knit vintage sweater? check. frames? check. bright scarf to shield one from the winter harshness? check.

the look of the day goes to Adam G.

find his look HERE!

find his personal lookbook HERE!

SLR – Lupe Release!

SLR – Super Lupe Rap

The response to Souljah Boys idiotic remark…

Download here!

Yet Another Form of Discrimination

This documentary describes the struggles between people in one community who are of either of a lighter or darker complexion. After stumbling over this on 1LoveTO I fell in love with the truth and passion of the documentary writer. A fellow Canadian, she identifies with the struggle of living in such a diverse community and having to deal with this (possibly) on a regular basis.

part one

part two


Ignorance is not bliss, educate yourself.


-Filsan Abikar // @PhillysABigDeal

Smokers Club Tour… Last Stop, Richmond, VA.

As anticipated the Smokers tour made its last stop here in Richmond. The Headliners included Curren$y and Big Sean… And you bet your bottom Karmalifee was right there upfront snapping away.

Fitteds, snapbacks and beenies galore. I was in heaven.

Putting in work… His freestyle was pretty ill.

Featured here, Goodwood. Someone is a fan I see…

One word: Hel-lo.

And the award for the BEST hypeman (of the night) goes to…


A very disappointed crowd then was informed of the rather upsetting news that the headliners were kicked out, apparently they were smoking in the club. After reading Curren$y’s tweet, we found out that it was OUTSIDE of the club.

In simple conclusion, the performances were good. Ive been more interested in the actual beats rather than the words and I can honestly say they were the type that provoked a few on-beat nods from the majority of listeners.

-Filsan Abikar   —  @PhillysABigDeal

Look of the Day: Rainy Day Layers

As outlandish as this outfit is, I find it so funky. There is a sort of simplistic aspect to it. And yet it really isnt all that ordinary.

You can find Lisa’s lookbook HERE

Its Starting To Get Cold Out…

Fire track, unreleased from the pushed back Lasers.

Toronto Street Style

The male look of the day goes to a friend of mine.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kosi.

Mr. effortless cool, thrifter, vintage finder and epic music listener.

Featured on BlogTO, check out the article HERE.

Ms. Badu is Singing, Silence Please

Need I say more? I think not.

Kick-Ass Authentic Snap-Backs…

Just a short list of what I think are some of the tighest snap-backs from the 1990’s.

Charlotte Hornets Authentic, find it HERE.

Phoenix Suns, find it HERE.

And a personal fav, The Chicago Bulls. What collection is complete without this piece? Find it HERE.