Ventura Sparc MGS

A timepiece that could be completely at home upon Marty McFly’s wrist in Back II the Future: Back to the Future Part 2. The watch takes the easy readability of a digital face and couples it with the sophisticated power and styling of a self-winding automatic.


Longines Twenty-Four Hours Timepiece

This swiss automatic timepiece needs only one revolution of the hour hand for a full day while most analog watches require two revolutions.  This one might become a part of my collection.

Nixon X Beastie Boys

This simple piece makes a big statement. Clearly made only for the ballinest, Mike D is on the Dial in his yachting attire.  It comes in 4 colors and you can find them at dedicated Skate Shops like Palace 5ive in D.C.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force X Casio G-Shock