The Last Six Months


J Dilla: Behind the Beat (Poster)

This is a picture was taken by photographer Raph Rashid of J Dilla back in 2005. He was working on a project dealing with artist and their home studios. The book was released later in 2005 and was titled Behind the Beat: Hip-Hop Home Studios. You can buy this poster for $12 at Stones Throw Store. Always remember support good music.


Original Fake Bendy Cushion

The cushion is $100 which is cheap as far as Original Fake goes

Kenny Scharf does a mural New York City

This would be one of the things that I miss most about living near a city being able to see art like this. The piece above is located on the intersection of Houston and Bowery (Lower East side) if you are able to check it out do so. Only a weekend was the time it took to put this up.

Via: Antenna Mag

Sneaker Pimps DC

This past thursday, Karmalifee and a few homies went to checkout Sneaker Pimps up in DC for one of their stops on their country wide tour. For all of us this was are first time going to an event like this so we were just going to take everything in that we could. The event was not only about sneakers but also music and art and seeing how they are all intertwined in the sneaker culture . There were three floors having vendors on the first, art on the second and performances on the third. I wasn’t able to get any pics of the performances because it was too packed but was able to get a few shots of some art work and custom sneakers. Check the pics out below.

Above Demontpeekaso Website

Some custom sneakers on display

A little love being shown to Karmalifee

Below Farma Wesley and Pat is Dope check out his blog

Smokers Club Tour… Last Stop, Richmond, VA.

As anticipated the Smokers tour made its last stop here in Richmond. The Headliners included Curren$y and Big Sean… And you bet your bottom Karmalifee was right there upfront snapping away.

Fitteds, snapbacks and beenies galore. I was in heaven.

Putting in work… His freestyle was pretty ill.

Featured here, Goodwood. Someone is a fan I see…

One word: Hel-lo.

And the award for the BEST hypeman (of the night) goes to…


A very disappointed crowd then was informed of the rather upsetting news that the headliners were kicked out, apparently they were smoking in the club. After reading Curren$y’s tweet, we found out that it was OUTSIDE of the club.

In simple conclusion, the performances were good. Ive been more interested in the actual beats rather than the words and I can honestly say they were the type that provoked a few on-beat nods from the majority of listeners.

-Filsan Abikar   —  @PhillysABigDeal


The path in life may have its bumps but it is always green. Taking you to places you always dreamed about. So keep striving for excellence and enjoy life as we all take it “one step at a time”.


Today i came across Wayne Lawrence ‘s work and i was truly amazed @ how he captured the life of Miami….he’s definitely dope and an inspiration for me to move forward with street photography…

Pic of the day

Taken by Reef at the shoot for Farma Wesley new video stay tuned.

The Beauty of the Eye

The eye sees beauties ,who would ever think it was a beauty itself ?