“What Am I Suppose To Do ” Nickelus F’s

What Am I Suppose To Do (Directed by Duy Nguyen For A College Project Productions)


Tyler Wright “The Path Less Taken”

Today is Tyler’s Birthday and what would make this day even better? How about a Mixtape? Well that is what he did.So download it and show some Birthday Love. @IamWrighteous


Alexander Spit “Until Next Summer”


“Replacement” Carlyle Feat Ghost Wridah

Got this song through a DM on twitter from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. Didn’t know what to aspect but once I took a listen my views changed.Take a listen this goes out to all those R&B fans out there.

Download: “Replacement” Carlyle Feat Ghost Wridah

Keep the Faith

This is a homie from back home in Florida who has been on the grind to give everyone out here good music. Here we have his latest installment called “Keep the Faith” Feat Vurn (Prod.Nuri). We are always looking for feedback so leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Download:  “Keep the Faith” Feat Vurn (Prod.Nuri)

“Smiles” PDM

Take a listen to an up and coming artist out of Miami “Smiles”

Download: PDM