Flash Flash Flash !!!!!!!!!!!

This means its Picture Time!!!!!!!!!!!


95 Bulls the Crew

This is a little clip of the music crew I run with in Woodbridge Va.

“The Update” 8/10

Yesterday 8/10  was a chill day for the most part. Started off by helping my little sister Mia move down to her new apartment in Richmond Va. Lets just say it was not a cool day outside, I definitely got my sweat in.Later that day I link up with our newest member on the team Chris Aka “Air Max Ace” . We just chatted about the movements that we need to make so that we can take the site to a new level and be successful. Another thing we did was watch some inspiring videos of people just like us shooting for the same goals we have for life. Side note: “The post on Motivation”. Keep on the look out for new projects and keep supporting . Thank you.

P.S. Tell a friend about the site we are trying to grow as big as we can.

The Motivation

This is a movie is a must watch for everyone out there trying do so something with their life.

The First Steps

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. Started off by going to the Art Institute for a tour and talking to an Advisor about the school. Music has  knocked on my door for a while and I think that it is the time to open the door. After that I went to meet up with 100 Strong in Woodbridge and we chopped it up about what movements we needed to make so their buzz could get bigger. We came up with an idea to do a college tour around the Va area. We also came up with a project, having them do a team project which they would preform. So be on the look for that title name is Triangle offense. Remember to be on the look out the team 100 Strong “95 Bulls”.