Under Reconstruction

Karmalifee has not posted so many blogs lately. The Karmalifee team is going through a transition from a Blog to a Clothing line. We are currently doing the site over, so look out for a whole new look and a spring/summer collection.


Thank you for the support from everyone in the Karmalifee Family.

“We are going to come harder then ever in the coming months”


Cheeseburger Baby

Last night I ended up on South Beach and well you know the stomach was calling so my lil brother suggested to get a burger. We ended up going to Cheeseburger Baby somthing this boy was feening for and used GPS to find , but at the end of the journey I was happy to kill my burger.If you ever on SouthBeach go check out Cheeseburger Baby.

1505 Washington Avenue.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Sunday-Wednesday……….11 a.m.-5 a.m.
Thursday-Saturday……….11 a.m.-6 a.m.

“Roxy’s” Chicken wings and Burgers

Last night my cousin and I went out and tried something different.”Well a different restaurant”. Roxy was the name of the spot, I ordered a Chicken grilled sandwich with guacamole which I went out on a limb to try and it turned out pretty good.

I rate this place a 7.5


12600 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, FL 33181
(305) 899-7699

Just Because: Jimmy Kimmel Edition

Something random but it was to funny to pass up.

Out with Ivory Snow

Last saturday Karmalifee went with Ivory Snow down to Richmond VA to his interview with Go Live Radio. This was a first for me and let say it was a great event to be apart of. Lil Roc and Mizz Undastood interviewed Ivory asked him about his back round with music and when his love for it started. There will be a video coming soon so be on the look out. Last shout out to Go Live Radio and RadioB.

Talib Kweli Meet and Greet

Yesterday we went up to Cmonwelth DC to the meet and greet for Talib Kweli. If you all didn’t know Talib is a big hat collector and seeing that we just drop the beanie we figured we would give him one[pic above] to add to his collection. We missed out on the concert after but heard he rocked it . Make sure you check out his last LP Gutter Rainbows.

SuperBowl Commercials

Something to give you a laugh today.

Packers take it all

If  you were not able to watch the Super Bowl last night you missed a very good game. It was one of those games that had many different momentum changes and you didn’t really know who was going to win. The Packers came away with the victory and it was a well deserved one. Congratulation Green Bay.

Guess its Green and Yellow not Black and Yellow this time around.

Blu Magic

If you in Miami come out for a good time.

Karmalifee’s own DJKasio will be spinning.

Post Traumatic

Here are a few pics from Post Traumatic from last sunday.

Ivory Snow