Slo- V and Retro’s “Tha Underdog”

Click the picture to download.

I am a couple of hours late on this post but better late then never.

Slo V and Retro have officially arrived with their well-anticipated mixtape “Tha Underdogs” released this Valentine’s Day. This rap duo from Miami, FL are the total package, from the artwork, videos, and most importantly production/music that are all done by this duo it makes you wonder what can’t Slo V and Retro do. “Tha Underdogs mixtape will surly become a classic with tons of surprises and something for everyone to enjoy. Without further ado strap in click the download link and brace yourself for a musical roller coaster!


Track listing:
1.) Intro
2.) The Real
3.) Why Talk
4.) Good
5.) Joy Stick
6.) Fresh Pair feat Teddy Nite
7.) Obama Swag
8.) Drinking All Night
9.) Real Life
10.) South Beach feat Hitman
11.) Underdogs feat C-4
12.) Ol’ Skool
13.) Let’s Make a Movie feat Selena Serrano
14.) What’s Worse feat Sage
15.) Hit The Floor
16.) Copp 4 Real feat Verse, Fiyah
17.) Go Inn
18.) Outbreak
Bonus Track*
My Vibe feat Ball Greezy


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