Think About it

It doesn’t matter how many people you follow or how many people  follow you back all that matters is how strong your movement is.



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Just living life the Karmalifee way!

One Response to Think About it

  1. Lauchlan Pierce says:

    this statement conflicts itself…. let me kick game and break down “movement”
    in this case we use this definition of “move”
    move- Have an emotional or cognitive impact upon; Progress by being changed.
    since we are speaking of a “movement” that changes ones perspective….
    the suffix “-ment”
    “-ment”-A suffix denoting that which does a thing; an act or process; the result of an act or process; state or condition
    so in this case the “movement” refers to the ability to have an impact on emotions and cognition and to progress through change via the “karma lifee” way (this is the thing, the act or process we use in the “movement”)
    so… in order to move people someone needs to be following or you need to be paying mind to others because this should have an attraction and not need promotion.. so if it doesnt matter how many you follow or how many follow you… where does your movement gain strength?
    inertia states an object at rest will remain at rest… the movement stays put unless it has a force to move it… so no people followng a “way of life” (karmalifee) means no strength… no bloggers to blog on it… no strength… so really check where your backbone is coming from… the following is THE strength… hence 10000 hits and so on…. really understand your words when you use them… so one person with a strong movement is crazy… because 1 million idiots organized has more strength then one genius piloting solo…

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