Smokers Club Tour… Last Stop, Richmond, VA.

As anticipated the Smokers tour made its last stop here in Richmond. The Headliners included Curren$y and Big Sean… And you bet your bottom Karmalifee was right there upfront snapping away.

Fitteds, snapbacks and beenies galore. I was in heaven.

Putting in work… His freestyle was pretty ill.

Featured here, Goodwood. Someone is a fan I see…

One word: Hel-lo.

And the award for the BEST hypeman (of the night) goes to…


A very disappointed crowd then was informed of the rather upsetting news that the headliners were kicked out, apparently they were smoking in the club. After reading Curren$y’s tweet, we found out that it was OUTSIDE of the club.

In simple conclusion, the performances were good. Ive been more interested in the actual beats rather than the words and I can honestly say they were the type that provoked a few on-beat nods from the majority of listeners.

-Filsan Abikar   —  @PhillysABigDeal


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