“The Update” 8/10

Yesterday 8/10  was a chill day for the most part. Started off by helping my little sister Mia move down to her new apartment in Richmond Va. Lets just say it was not a cool day outside, I definitely got my sweat in.Later that day I link up with our newest member on the team Chris Aka “Air Max Ace” . We just chatted about the movements that we need to make so that we can take the site to a new level and be successful. Another thing we did was watch some inspiring videos of people just like us shooting for the same goals we have for life. Side note: “The post on Motivation”. Keep on the look out for new projects and keep supporting . Thank you.

P.S. Tell a friend about the site we are trying to grow as big as we can.


About Reef
Just living life the Karmalifee way!

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